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Data Driven Decisions – Incredible Results

RedGiant Analytics is a Business Analytics firm providing a highly differentiated set of solutions and services for mid-market retail, consumer package goods, gaming, telecommunication and other customer centric industries. Our solutions help businesses recruit, cultivate, and retain the right customers. They also help better define and manage target markets with respect to sales and marketing strategies, competition, optimal store and supply locations, and sales territories and delivery networks.

Competitive Advantages of Business Analytics
In today’s hyper competitive landscape, savvy businesses look beyond instinct and take a more quantitative, data driven approach to answering important business questions. They leverage the raw truth of data coupled with powerful analytics to gain keen insights to optimize performance. This helps better explain things such as customer buying behavior, price sensitivities and preferences, loyalty and turnover potential, and the lifetime value of a specific individual or group of customers. The value of business analytics is quantifiable. In a recent IDC study, it was estimated that the use of predictive analytics has a median return on investment of 145%.

The Challenge
While powerful and increasingly necessary, analytical insights can come with a very heavy price tag. Traditional approaches to adoption are complex, costly, and time consuming. So while nearly every business can use analytics to enhance their strategic and operational decision making, the complexity and cost puts it out of reach for most small to medium businesses.

The Solution
RedGiant takes the complexity, time, risk, and cost out of Business Analytics. Based on an advanced predictive and optimization analytic platform, we deliver powerful, actionable, decision support solutions on a subscription basis. These solutions automate much of the process including data intake and management, insight analysis, and model development, testing, and execution.

Our solutions can be consumed in different ways depending upon client preference. The first is ANALYTICS SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (ASaaS™). This puts cloud-based analytic tools and data driven insights directly in the hands of decision-makers and analysts without the need for a PhD in statistics or huge investments in systems. Second, we offer APPLIED ANALYTICS AS A SERVICE (A4S™), which couples the same cloud-based analytics technology with standardized analytic services to provide clients a "fully outsourced model" that delivers timely analytic intelligence and content. Read  "Introducing A4S" for more information.

If hosted analytic solutions are not the best fit, RedGiant can also make its solutions available as self-hosted Analytic Appliances. They can be physically located within a client's network or data center with RedGiant providing external technical support and analytics services. Finally, we also provide techncial and management consulting services centered on spatial, predictive and optimization analytics and enterprise data management.